Sytsema Family Christmas 2009

Sytsema Family Christmas 2009
Don, Brady, Kyle, Lisa and Ryan

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


What a fun weekend we had with skiing and sledding. It was so fun to see Ryan get it. As we headed out to the ski hill he saw the kids his age learning to ski in ski school on a very small hill with a magic carpet and he says to me..."That hill is way to easy I want to go to the big hill" so off we went to the chairlift and he did it. I have to say it is a workout teaching your kids to upper body was a bit sore from picking him up he weighs 40lbs after all.

It was clear Ryan was also tired after all the skiing and he talked his dad into a better way for him to ski into the lodge.

Kyle was so fun to ski with this weekend. He has figure out what he is doing and is having fun doing it. At one point Kyle was skiing with my dad and Don and somehow they ended up on a black diamond and for all you non-skiers those are the most difficult runs. Anyways it was hard but he did get down...part of it on his bottom but he made it. Following he was pretty proud to have done it even on his bottom but later that day he saw the chairlift that took them to the black diamond and he said to me "no, no, no I am not going on that chair lift". I know he had a long day skiing on Saturday in fact at the end of the day as we debated going up for another run I hear him pipe up and say "I am out". It almost sounded like he was going to ski himself into the lodge without us.

We ended our long weekend with sledding. It was fun we had the hill to ourselves and it was fast and steep. The bad part Ryan thought it would be better for him to get a ride up the hill...did I mention he is 40lbs.

Look at the little speed demon. He might be small but he is mighty...go Ryan.

We had to have Kyle bail off the sled or he would have ended up in the parking lot he was going so fast.

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