Sytsema Family Christmas 2009

Sytsema Family Christmas 2009
Don, Brady, Kyle, Lisa and Ryan

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Fun week...we first got to cheer on the Chippewas to a bowl game win from the comforts of our living room. The boys were so excited to wear their new jerseys Aunt Tomeaka and Uncle Matt gave them for Christmas. They did have to go to bed much before the game ended after double overtime. But it was exciting that for the first time (I think) CMU was ranked 23rd in the nation. They ended the season as the best college football team in Michigan...what a great year.

The next first was Brady finally learned how to roll over...well kind of. If you put him flat on his belly with his arms way he will do it but if you tuck the one arm for him...he has a chance. Come on that is pretty good he is a boy after all. Brady also went to the doctor this week to get his shots. He is 5 months and weights 20 lbs. Yes he is a big boy. He actually is in the 90th percentile for weight, height and head...I was kind of proud that his head was actually still on the chart...come on it is rather large. He did get 4 shots and did pretty good. Sure is easier getting shots for a 5 month old than our 6 year old...Kyle is very hard to hold down.

The final first was the carnival Kyle and Ryan performed for Don and I. Don also had a small roll. Don caught some of it on video I am going to try and download it and post it on the blog. Lets just say there was a few musical number and some acrobatics. Don says we don't have to worry about our kids becoming "carnies" their acts is a bit shaky :).

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