Sytsema Family Christmas 2009

Sytsema Family Christmas 2009
Don, Brady, Kyle, Lisa and Ryan

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Boys will be Boys

It is so fun to watch our boys grow and grow and grow. In fact we have talked about how we will be able to feed these boys someday. Right now we buy 3 gallons of milk every week can you imagine how much we will need when they are teenagers. We are already thinking about where we are going to put the extra fridge.

Last night we had some singing and least they are well rounded. Brady I think just though his brothers were very entertaining. Check out the videos below.

They are growing fast but they are still such sweet boys. Both Kyle and Ryan love to make Brady laugh and always make sure to give him hugs and kisses before they go anywhere.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


What a fun weekend we had with skiing and sledding. It was so fun to see Ryan get it. As we headed out to the ski hill he saw the kids his age learning to ski in ski school on a very small hill with a magic carpet and he says to me..."That hill is way to easy I want to go to the big hill" so off we went to the chairlift and he did it. I have to say it is a workout teaching your kids to upper body was a bit sore from picking him up he weighs 40lbs after all.

It was clear Ryan was also tired after all the skiing and he talked his dad into a better way for him to ski into the lodge.

Kyle was so fun to ski with this weekend. He has figure out what he is doing and is having fun doing it. At one point Kyle was skiing with my dad and Don and somehow they ended up on a black diamond and for all you non-skiers those are the most difficult runs. Anyways it was hard but he did get down...part of it on his bottom but he made it. Following he was pretty proud to have done it even on his bottom but later that day he saw the chairlift that took them to the black diamond and he said to me "no, no, no I am not going on that chair lift". I know he had a long day skiing on Saturday in fact at the end of the day as we debated going up for another run I hear him pipe up and say "I am out". It almost sounded like he was going to ski himself into the lodge without us.

We ended our long weekend with sledding. It was fun we had the hill to ourselves and it was fast and steep. The bad part Ryan thought it would be better for him to get a ride up the hill...did I mention he is 40lbs.

Look at the little speed demon. He might be small but he is mighty...go Ryan.

We had to have Kyle bail off the sled or he would have ended up in the parking lot he was going so fast.

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Fun week...we first got to cheer on the Chippewas to a bowl game win from the comforts of our living room. The boys were so excited to wear their new jerseys Aunt Tomeaka and Uncle Matt gave them for Christmas. They did have to go to bed much before the game ended after double overtime. But it was exciting that for the first time (I think) CMU was ranked 23rd in the nation. They ended the season as the best college football team in Michigan...what a great year.

The next first was Brady finally learned how to roll over...well kind of. If you put him flat on his belly with his arms way he will do it but if you tuck the one arm for him...he has a chance. Come on that is pretty good he is a boy after all. Brady also went to the doctor this week to get his shots. He is 5 months and weights 20 lbs. Yes he is a big boy. He actually is in the 90th percentile for weight, height and head...I was kind of proud that his head was actually still on the chart...come on it is rather large. He did get 4 shots and did pretty good. Sure is easier getting shots for a 5 month old than our 6 year old...Kyle is very hard to hold down.

The final first was the carnival Kyle and Ryan performed for Don and I. Don also had a small roll. Don caught some of it on video I am going to try and download it and post it on the blog. Lets just say there was a few musical number and some acrobatics. Don says we don't have to worry about our kids becoming "carnies" their acts is a bit shaky :).

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Funny Ryan

Well we have successfully put away the Christmas decorations. I have to tell you I am the kind of person who would love to have the Christmas season last 2 months. I love to have the decorations out and to play Christmas music. Don however holds me to Thanksgiving day to just a day or two after New Years.

He did as a surprise this year hang icicle lights on the house and with the temp being only 12 degrees today he decided it would be okay to leave them up a bit longer. I am glad so I can still have a bit of the holiday continue. I just hope he does not remember to unplug the timers so they continue to go on every night :).

So Don and I were comparing notes on Ryan today and Don said to me "Ryan asked me how God made people" he had asked me the same question yesterday. Don responded "Ryan with God all things are possible and he makes people just like he made you and me"....I had responded very similarly yesterday. Ryan then said "Dad did God use paint on you?" and to that Don responded "something like that Ryan". Just don't be surprised if he asked any of you the same question...seems he is trying to get confirmation he was painted by God.

This is Ryan and Uncle Matt...Ryan loves headbands and talked Dee dee into buying him some at the dollar store. Uncle Matt showed him another use of headbands. He is all tied up with them.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Look at what I learned

Brady is 5 months now and shows very little interested in rolling over but looked what he has learned to do.
Brady 5 months

That is right he can sit up but does not roll over...I wonder what that means??? His has been eating cereal for a number of weeks now and doing a good job with it and tonight he got to try some green beans. I though he might turn his nose up to green beans but guess what he ate the entire container. I think we don't have to worry about him being malnourished.

After Christmas FUN!!

After Christmas we headed North and along with all of us, my parents, Matt and Tomeaka we were joined by Don's sister Sharon, her husband Jon their two kids Kate and Jon, our high school exchange student Gui and his wife Christine and daughter Nina and to top it off our family friends Lloyd and Sharon. It was quite a crew.

We had so much fun. Skiing, sledding, playing Wii, playing other games, going to the water park and more.

What Aunt Tomeaka is from Grand Cayman they don't have sleds there :)

Dee dee the crazy old lady had just as much fun as the little kids!

Ryan (3) and Nina (3)

Uncle Jon bet Jon Boy and Kyle $5 to jump out of the hot tube and run into the was so funny to watch their eyes get wide as they started to feel the cold of the snow. They did it though and Uncle Jon had to pay up.

Kyle (6) and Jon Boy (8)

On New Years Eve my parents organized for us a murder mystery dinner. Everyone got into character and we all had such a good time. Guess what innocent Aunt Sharon was the murderer and boy did she play her part well but her brother Don had her pegged at the guilty one from the beginning...I think he had a unfair advantage since he does this kind of work for a living.

Ace High (AKA Lloyd) was killed...Security Sam (AKA Copper Don) outlined the body.

Ronald Trump (AKA Matt Diaz)

Elvis Impersonator (AKA Jon Morris and his two apprentices Jon Boy and Ryan)

Christmas 2009

Christmas morning we spent at home this year. My parents came to town from Boyne City and my brother Matt and his wife Tomeaka came from Grand Cayman. Christmas morning was so much fun. We actually opened presents for almost 3 hours.

Tomeaka got a sail from her mom...hard to use that in snowy Michigan good thing they were only here for a week so she will get to use it soon.

Uncle Matt got to share in the excitement of Christmas morning with Kyle and Ryan.

Kyle and Ryan did a great job sharing in present opening. It helped they got to open Brady's presents too.

Tomeaka and Matt brought knitted hats from their travels to Peru... Don't they look cute.

Lisa's dad Lou

Brady Boy!! (5months)

Don and Ryan (3years)

Starting our Blog

For sometime now I have said I would start a blog to document our family and the fun things we do. My mom has always said write things down that the boys do because you will not remember. Well I hate to say this but she is right. Kyle is 6 and I can hardly remember many of the funny things he did or the milestones he accomplished. So this is my new years pledge to myself and my family to take a few seconds every so often and post pictures and journal through the blog what our family is doing.

Now I have to ask you to be forgiving of my grammar issues or spelling but if I ask my husband or administrative assistant to read every post I make I think they both might hate me. So I am going this alone and those of you that know me will understand that I never use commas and often time leave the ending off of words but hang with me you will get the gist of what I am trying to tell you.

So I hope you enjoy reading and seeing our families adventures. I am sure you will laugh some, think we are crazy often and over all see how blessed we are...enjoy.