Sytsema Family Christmas 2009

Sytsema Family Christmas 2009
Don, Brady, Kyle, Lisa and Ryan

Monday, February 22, 2010

The BUG!!

Good thing we have more than one bathroom. The stomach bug has found our house. It entered via Don who was down for two days. Then it grabbed Kyle on Friday. I kept him home from school because he said his belly was not feeling great and he had been coughing pretty good all week. But as the day progressed and he played Wii, watched TV and played with Ryan all day it seemed I had been duped. As we all climbed in the car to head north to my parents for the weekend it became obvious he was not feeling well. But I decided we should push on because after all the car was packed and we were ready to go. (no worries that car managed to go unscathed)

Kyle did okay but was not able to go skiing with us. So Saturday Don, Ryan and I went skiing. Ryan did great sking a lot of different runs. Funny how Ryan has become very motivated by the candy store at the base of the ski hill. We tell him if he does not whine or say I can't all day he gets to pick something from the candy store. So far it has worked everytime.

Well the weekend progressed and Kyle started feeling better and Sunday afternoon it caught me. And then in the middle of the night it caught Ryan. So the only one left untouched is Brady. Here is hopeing he avoids this bug.

So I would love to report we are all good at this point but Ryan went to bed with what he calls a "puke bowl" and I am still wondering if having something to eat tonight was a good idea or bad. Oh well this too will pass.

So instead of posting a picture of what we all look like this week I thought I would post a picture to remind us how great our vacation was. FYI we did leave Aunt Tomeaka with a cold but she should be very happy it was not the stomach bug :).

My cool dudes Kyle (6), Ryan (31/2), Don

Sunday, February 14, 2010


Well we have returned from a sun and fun filled week in Grand Cayman. We were visiting my brother Matt and his wife Tomeaka, who live there, and had so much fun. Despite three boys with runny noses and coughs all week which resulted in not great sleep for Don and I we still had a great time. Amy (the college student who lived with us a few years ago) joined us on this trip to help with the kids and boy was she helpful.

The boys both got a little sailing lesson from their Aunt Tomeaka who sailed for Grand Cayman in the Sydney Olympics. When we arrived at the sailing club the question was asked who is going to take the boys out, Uncle Matt or Aunt Tomeaka. It was quickly decided I would trust my kids in the care of Aunt Tomeaka, before Uncle Matt, who believes faster is always better. Thank you Tomeaka for take the kids out and keeping them safe :).

We spent a lot of time at the beach. It was almost 90 degrees there almost every day so perfect for swimming and playing in the sand. Amy and Kyle did a lot of snorkeling as well. Don was so excited to have sand covering the boys every time we were leaving the beach. Lets just say Don is not a big fan of the sand.

We also spent time in the pool, and Kyle perfected his swimming. By the end of the week he was swimming from the deep end to the shallow end with no help from us. Ryan also improved but still is cautious. Brady, well he just loves the waters. Matt took us out to Stingray City to swim and play with the stingrays. If you ever get a chance to do this you should. Don and I have been there several times now, but every time it is so cool. Kyle got to swim around with them and touch them. Amy also enjoyed it, but when she stepped on one Kyle says she screamed like a girl :).

Over all is was a great vacation, and we thank Matt, Tomeaka, and Amy for helping make it special for our family.

Scuba Steve (AKA Ryan) says I had a great time!!!
(He would not wear the goggles in the water but would wear them around at night to spy on pretend people...he is our creative one!!)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The love of Grandparents

This past weekend we were up at my parents, who the boys call Papa and Dee Dee. We arrived later Friday night and to Kyle's surprise Papa and Dee Dee had a surprise for him. The last weekend we were up north another family was there and their girls had the handheld video game nintendo DS. Well, Kyle fell in love, not with the girls but with the DS. Don and I have decided we are not ready to monitor the use of a DS at home so are not planning to buy Kyle a DS anytime soon. Well to Kyle's surprise, Papa bought himself a DS and is willing to share it with Kyle when he come to visit. Papa even bought Kyle a game he loves to play. Boy Kyle is sure lucky to have such a great papa who is willing to share...his new kid toy :).

Again this weekend we headed to the ski slopes. On Saturday we got there and the parking lot was full except for the handicap spots. Kyle says "Why can't we park in the handicap spot? Papa is old." We all got a good laugh including papa. Then Kyle and Papa were off for a day of skiing together while Don and I worked with Ryan. They are now skiing the blue runs. YEA!!

Ryan has been amazing on skies. He has gotten the concept down and now he does not want any help even getting off the chair lift. I think next time we are going to be off the bunny hill and ready to hit a green run. Dee Dee came and skied with us Sunday, she was so surprised at how well Ryan was doing. Dee Dee actually asked to go in before Ryan did. I think Dee Dee and Ryan will be great ski partners in the future....they both love the hot chocolate :).

We are so blessed to have such wonderful people (yes mom and dad I am talking about you) in our lives. Thank you for all you do for and with us.

We head out Saturday for a week in the sun in Grand Cayman. We are all excited to go visit Uncle Matt (my brother) and Aunt Tomeaka and we are very excited to sit in the warm sun.