Sytsema Family Christmas 2009

Sytsema Family Christmas 2009
Don, Brady, Kyle, Lisa and Ryan

Monday, February 22, 2010

The BUG!!

Good thing we have more than one bathroom. The stomach bug has found our house. It entered via Don who was down for two days. Then it grabbed Kyle on Friday. I kept him home from school because he said his belly was not feeling great and he had been coughing pretty good all week. But as the day progressed and he played Wii, watched TV and played with Ryan all day it seemed I had been duped. As we all climbed in the car to head north to my parents for the weekend it became obvious he was not feeling well. But I decided we should push on because after all the car was packed and we were ready to go. (no worries that car managed to go unscathed)

Kyle did okay but was not able to go skiing with us. So Saturday Don, Ryan and I went skiing. Ryan did great sking a lot of different runs. Funny how Ryan has become very motivated by the candy store at the base of the ski hill. We tell him if he does not whine or say I can't all day he gets to pick something from the candy store. So far it has worked everytime.

Well the weekend progressed and Kyle started feeling better and Sunday afternoon it caught me. And then in the middle of the night it caught Ryan. So the only one left untouched is Brady. Here is hopeing he avoids this bug.

So I would love to report we are all good at this point but Ryan went to bed with what he calls a "puke bowl" and I am still wondering if having something to eat tonight was a good idea or bad. Oh well this too will pass.

So instead of posting a picture of what we all look like this week I thought I would post a picture to remind us how great our vacation was. FYI we did leave Aunt Tomeaka with a cold but she should be very happy it was not the stomach bug :).

My cool dudes Kyle (6), Ryan (31/2), Don

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