Sytsema Family Christmas 2009

Sytsema Family Christmas 2009
Don, Brady, Kyle, Lisa and Ryan

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


One thing I can say with confidence, is that things are always changing in our house hold. I think that is good because those of you that know me well know that if there is no change, I get bored.

One thing that seems to always change in our boys and how they grow and what they can do. This recent picture of Brady you can see how big he is getting and he is so close to crawling. Oh boy that will be a big change for all of us...gates and picking up small toys will be again part of our everyday life.

It has becoming a new thing for Kyle to read books on his own. He is doing so well in school and has really caught on to reading. Now sometimes at night he reads his own books while Don or I read to Ryan and Brady. Well sometimes Brady does not enjoy sitting still for an entire book.

Not only are the boys changing but we have also made some changes to our house. We have added a wall between the office and dinning room. And made the office feel more like an office with new lighting and soon to be new curtains. We also made the grill next to our upstairs fireplace an attractive more useful storage area. It looks so nice and now the boys all have a shelf with a basket for papers etc. Now comes the painting. So when it started we were going to paint one room, but with the help of my dear friend Rachelle, who happens to be an interior decorator, we now are painting the fireplace, family room, hall, dinning room and office. Oh and did I mention the office still has wallpaper up. Yes you are right Don is SO excited. Actually he has been very supportive and I know will love the finished product.

Things may change around us, but we as a family stay the same. We still love spending time together and are having lots of fun.

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