Sytsema Family Christmas 2009

Sytsema Family Christmas 2009
Don, Brady, Kyle, Lisa and Ryan

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Blessings

This weekend was Easter weekend and we had some fun and relaxation time. We started with some coloring of eggs. I have to tell you this is the first time I have colored eggs with the boys. I really don't like the mess so my friend Jill normally does the egg coloring with both our kids. Darn her for having a baby so I was forced into doing it. First I had to call two people to even figure out how to hard boil eggs but after that is went pretty smoothly. The boys had fun and we did not get to much dye on anything or anyone.

On the Saturday before Easter my friend Jill normally has an Easter Egg Hunt for about 70 or so kids. However this year Jill's baby was due on the Saturday before Easter so smartly she decided to not host the HUGE hunt. But we could not let our kids not got a chance to hunt eggs. So I volunteered to stuff eggs and Bryan (Jill's husband) hid them around the yard. Though it was not 70 kids running all around the Dole's yard our 4 had a blast.
Carter (33/4), Carly (6), Ryan (31/2), Kyle (6)

We finished the weekend by going to church to celebrate that Jesus is alive and how very blessed we are that God sent his only son to die for all our sins. Then we relaxed and had some fun outside.

We can all clean up well!

Brady (8months) resting with his dad.

Brady (8months) "Look I can stand up and have even started to try and stand up without holding on to says I can't walk anytime soon...I will show her who is boss"

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