Sytsema Family Christmas 2009

Sytsema Family Christmas 2009
Don, Brady, Kyle, Lisa and Ryan

Thursday, June 10, 2010

We have a First Grader

Kyle's first day of school!

Kyle's graduation day!!

It has gone so fast but yesterday was Kyle's last day of school. He has had such a great year learning so much, making great friends and becoming a really confident kid. We feel so very blessed for Kyle to have had such a great teacher and aids. A big thank you to Mrs. B, Mrs. Taylor and Mrs. Horrocks, these ladies love our Kyle and Kyle loved them.

He worked very hard this year and has learned so much. He is doing math I would guess at the 2nd grade level. He was sent to 1st grade for reading group at least 3 days a week and is now reading very well. I am so proud of his hard work and achievements.

The last few weeks of school have been very fun for Kyle. His class took a trip to Aunt Tude's farm in Galdwin. Ryan and I joined Kyle's class as a chaperone and special guest. Ryan loved it and the kids in Kyle's class loved him. The kids got to feed animals, take a wagon ride and even milk a cow. Over all it was a fun day at the farm.

There was also Kindergarten graduation. Where Kyle so proudly said he wanted to be an astronaut when he grew up...I thought too bad NASA is done...he will have to move to Russia. They also sang songs and celebrated all the hard work they did this year. We were so proud of Kyle and all the staff commented on what a joy he has been to have in class.

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