Sytsema Family Christmas 2009

Sytsema Family Christmas 2009
Don, Brady, Kyle, Lisa and Ryan

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Fast Feet

Last weekend Brady at 10 months took his first steps. He was so excited to be walking between Don and I. Kyle and Ryan were also excited at Brady's big accomplishment. I must say it is one of my favorite milestones to experience, when my boys have taken their first steps. I am also excited Brady did not wait until almost 15 months and weigh 30 lbs like Ryan did (yes he almost broke my back). But really 10 months might be a bit to early because now that he knows he can walk he just wants to get down and "practice" more. I am pretty sure it will not be long and he will be in a full run trying to keep up with his brothers. Ryan should be worried those short little legs of his do not at this point carry him very fast :).

If we were to pull the pacifier out you would see Brady has two teeth showing and two others almost there. I don't remember the other boys gums looking as sore and red as Brady's do. I feel like they must hurt him a lot. The other boys would love when you rubbed their teething gums but Brady does not even want you to touch the sore spots. I sure hope the rest come in quickly so he does not have to hurt much longer.

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